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Surface Tension - Christine Kling Could have finished this last night, but just wasn't that interested in it so I put it down 25 pages from the end. Why? It sagged the last third of the book and kept sagging until it really got tiresome. Most times I cannot and will not do that. I'll read until after midnight if needed.

If the rating would let me rate the book in thirds, I would give the first two-thirds a 3.5 or 3.75. But no can do.

It started with a bang and a real mystery and kept getting better. Like I said, in the final third it started its decline and toward the ending, just got really messy. A couple of little things were just left hanging in limbo.

I hope by the next novel she's purchased a gun or had training in judo of some kind because she's needing it.

Must say though, tugboat Capt. Seychelle Sullivan (father named the three children after islands) knows her boats. I think I may have learned a little about them myself which is not a bad thing. There were some words I knew such as fenders, starboard side (left or right side, not sure) and dinghys (little boats, right?) but some I never knew such as gunwhale, bulwark and transom. I think a more polished writer (or editor) would have had a short description of the term so that readers (who don't know boats well) could follow along better. On Kindle, it would have been easy (time consuming) but easy to get the definition.

Like I said, the ending was kind of messy, not quite sure why the bad guys did what they did. And they were so, so obvious from early on. The ending just didn't seem clear enough.

But this is Kling's first novel. Unfortunately, I'm not in any hurry to run out and get number two, but certainly wouldn't avoid it either should it come up on Kindle and was free.

I did like her writing style but apparently she had great mentors, James W. Hall and Les Standiford. A clear storyline to the end was what was missing for me. The bonus for me though was that it was placed in Florida, on/around the water. I just love that stuff, bad storyline and all.