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Flags of Our Fathers
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Miami Noir - Les Standiford I love noir and apparently there's a series of noir with some known and not quite so known writers contributing. Just to name a few, there's Brooklyn Noir, D. C., LA and New Orleans, London, San Francisco, and many more. My edition had map of Miami area with places starred by palm tree where the stories were placed. Nice little touch!

Bought this one because it had so many of my favorite authors; James W. Hall, Paul Levine, Tom Corcoran, Barbara Parker and edited by Les Standiford whose writing I also love. One of my favorite stories though was an unknown to me author, Christine Kling, who I will put on my to-read list.

Most of the stories were good to much better than good, excellent. My two favorites would be Kling and Hall's short stories.

As a personal bonus, when Hall and Standiford were in St. Augustine last September (they were speakers at writing conference luncheon) I had opportunity to meet both and have them sign my edition.

What a great talk at lunch. Lunch, not so great, Hall and I agreed, but entertainment of those two going back and forth made up for the so-so lunch. That was the treat, listening to two great writers who know each other well and banter humorously over cold grilled chicken. That banter was delicious and unforgettable.