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Angela's Ashes: A Memoir - Frank McCourt Knowing I'm in the 1% of reviewers who didn't give this book four or five stars, I'm reviewing it nevertheless.

A friend gave me the book and on her recommendation that it was wonderful, I began reading. I put off reading the book for many years because I knew it was very sad. And it was sad.

I remember stopping at page 88 and saying to myself, when will this repetition stop? About half-way through it finally started moving forward, thank goodness, and the remainer of the book went rather quickly. Usually with a good book I enjoy, when I get to about 50 pages or so, I set aside time to finish the book in one setting. This didn't happen with Angela's Ashes.

It was definitely sad but educational since I knew very little of Ireland. Unfortunately, I still don't know a lot but more than before I read the book.

It brought back memories of being raised Catholic when everything was sinful and if you didn't confess before you passed, you would burn in hell. Not sure if that's the case today. And priests no longer hear confessions, so I guess there are a lot of 'free passes' to heaven.

Mentioned it to the doctor yesterday and she said she didn't think much of it either due in part to the cursing. Guess our reading material is very different. I confess, I'm sure our reading material is different. I read books that have cursing throughout so maybe I'm immune to it. It really doesn't really bother me all that much and I didn't find it was overboard in this book. Rather mild I would say and it was a memoir.

If there was nothing else to read on a stranded island, I would read it again.