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Vapor Trail (Mysteries & Horror) - Chuck Logan My first time reading a Chuck Logan and with this being number four in a series (I didn't know it was a series) I obviously won't be reading in sequence.

The main character, Phil Broker, ex, I think, police officer is called back to duty to as a favor to assist in escorting another officer and old partner into rehab. They have a prior history which isn't all that warm and fuzzy so that's a number of events in and of itself.

Like Logan's writing and the plot was good. When the killer was identified, there was a final unexpected twist that made it even more interesting.

Not sure why I gave it three stars instead of four. It was good, ok; characters were well drawn, mostly; plot was pretty good; writing was ok, too. Just wasn't my cup of tea for some reason. Not to say I'll never read another, because I will. However, I'm not headed to the library or Amazon to pick one up. Maybe I would have liked it better had I read the first in the series, first. Maybe.