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Murder on St. Mark's Place - Victoria Thompson Set in New York in the late 1800's, this is the second book of the series I've read. I wouldn't buy the book myself but a friend started reading the series and loans them to me knowing I love mysteries.

Talk about mysteries, it's a mystery to me why and how this book was nominated for the Edgar Award. (The cover says it was, anyway.)

It wasn't was the most solid mystery I've ever read. I've already admitted, more than one time, that I'm not the best at discovering the mystery of books I read, however, I figured this one out early on, about a quarter into it.

Always wondered why some books are called 'cozy mysteries' and this is one of them. May it describes books that are easy to figure out?

I have to say that I do enjoy Victoria Thompson's writing and her sense of place. The time period is interesting since I enjoy history anyway and her heroine is a delight. The back and forth between the heroine, Sarah Brandt, a mid-wife, and Detective Sergeant Frank Malloy is really enjoyable. She's quite a character in the last years of the Victoria era when women were to act and conduct themselves a certain way, in a word, always needy.

Guess I'll continue the series as long as my friend does because it's unlikely I would purchase the book myself.