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The Black Ice - Michael Connelly Another winner, in my book, in the Harry Bosch series. Number two and learned more about Harry background.

Loved the mystery and it didn't wind up until the end and it was a surprise to me. Unfortunately, I'm not real good at finding solution to the mystery until the end, usually when I read it. But in this one I was totally clueless and surprised until the very end.

Harry's based in L.A. but here he makes a side trip to Mexico which was a fun ride. Connelly describes places in such a way as to make you feel you know where you are. I enjoy that in reading a book, the feeling of knowing the place.

Here's where his half-brother, Haller, is introduced. They're not close but I think it's clever when authors cross over with their characters.

Again, when I find a writer I enjoy reading, I usually stay with them so I'm sure I'll finish the series sometime down the road. Have the book already, just waiting to be read.