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A Stained White Radiance (Dave Robicheaux) - James Lee Burke Number five on my quest to read the Dave Robicheaux series of perhaps, 20 or so.

I've really liked the previous four but this one, for me, was lacking in a couple of areas.

Too, far to many, characters for my liking and the bad guys are from all kinds of groups of bad guys. At times, I had to flip back through to figure out who was with what group and what did they do?

As usual though, James Lee Burke's writing just draws me in. One reviewer described it as 'lyrical' and I agree, it is lyrical. Although it's questionable if this is considered lyrical, I liked this particular line and bookmarked it so I could go back to it now: "We stared at each other in the silence like a pair of bookends." Immediate visual on my part.

Another drawback was the ending. There were a number of loose ends left and the ending, which usually ends with a bang, surprise or something, just didn't in this book. I can get that behind me, but loose ends? I like the 'end of the story' of what happened to so and so and such and such. There was more than one loose end left hanging. It was like Burke said, Ok, I'm now at 421 pages and I can't go more than that so THE END!

Won't keep me from my personal challenge but liked Dave (and Burke) so much, I read a couple back to back. Won't happen this time, so I'm giving me and ole Dave a break for a bit. He needs to attend a few more AA meetings and I need to visit my old friend...hummm, Spenser maybe?