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The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald Every once in awhile feel a necessity to read a classic because I read so many mysteries and thrillers and little else.

Of course, like everyone else, read this in high school and am sure I got more out of it then than I did now because there was a lengthly discussion afterward. Last time I read it, I recall it being good but didn't think much about it. This time, my third time, thought a lot about it and think I figured out what I like and don't like about it.

My likes: Describes the roaring 20's and what it was all about including a few (very few) racist and sexist remarks. Apparently those offended some. I, personally, don't quite understand that. Authors wrote about the thinking of the day and used words that were used during those time periods, i.e. Mark Twain's book (Huck Finn?) which was recently under fire for its racist language. That's clearly how they talked then. Should it be used or does it change the tone of the book, etc. if it's not used? That discussion is probably still going on.

My dislikes: Reading a paragraph and knowing that Fitzgerald has deep meaning to what he is saying then spending a few minutes re-reading and more trying to figure out what the hell it is. I have always, always had a difficult time doing that and my grade in a college Shakespeare class clearly reflect my lack of ability to understand those deeper meanings. Must be bad genes; it's my Mom, she's not here to defend herself. I now understand that my mind likes more literal writing and I feel better knowing that. I will no longer be embarrassed because I don't understand what the author's trying to say when he doesn't say it literally. But as they say, I'm 'owning' it as of right now!

It was a good book though describing some very shallow people. Maybe I'll understand it more the next time around. Not counting on it though...on reading it again.