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Chasing Midnight - Randy Wayne White I tried, I really, really tried but could not get through this lackluster of a book. And it was hard for me to put down because I have been such a hard core follower of RWW. Put down and picked back up three times and nothing changed. It was just a lousey reading book, everything about it.

There is definately something lacking in the writing of this, and the last three or four books.

Such a disappointment, to me personally, to conclude the writing was just kind of silly. Seemed amateurist and certainly not at the usual standards RWW has already established.

Doc Ford who is specialized in training techniques, making quick solid, correct decisions, seems lost. From time to time he'll say to himself 'Idiot' or something similar when he sees he's made a mistake. He can't even tackle two bumbling kids who don't know what they're doing. He's just not the same fellow I read about in Sanibel Flats or Ten Thousand Islands.

I'll probably take a look at next year's book but will not attend a signing which I've done for the past three years.

I'll have to go back and re-read the earlier ones to get my Doc Ford and Florida fix!