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Pale Kings And Princes - Robert B. Parker Lost track of what number in the Spenser series this book is, but it doesn't matter, it was up to par with so many of the others before it.

Parker hasn't lost his touch and I always enjoy reading a reminder about Spenser's ethics. Susan tunes in with "You pretend to be such a wise guy, and you are so rebellious about rules; but you are so careful to do what you say you'll do." To me, this is the crux of who Spenser is and the same, although at a different level, can be said for Hawk. This is the primary reason, in my mind, they're great backups for each other. They both know that the other 'has his back.'

Susan a part of the plot by assisting Spenser in 'breaking down' two not so stable women who have possible clues as to who killed a journalist. The journalist was hired by a newspaper magnate (who also hired Spenser) to investigate cocaine trafficking in a small community. Happily for me because he's so cool, Spenser called upon Hawk to help.

Fast moving book especially towards the end.

Fortunately for Spenser, it's always something to solve or resolve. Glad that Parker continues to find that something because my fondness for these primary characters grows with each read.