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Wilderness - Robert B. Parker Reviewing The Robert B. Parker Companion, I realized that I had read this book a few years ago. The description (there is a short synopsis of every book written by Parker) not the title reminded me that I had read it.

This was before mine(and Jeff's) effort to read the entire Spenser series so Robert B. Parker just didn't click with me at the time. If I remember right, my favortie bookseller, Vanessa, suggested it knowing I love mysteries. Just see how you like his writing, I'm sure she said.

What a great book it was...and worthy of a re-read anytime.

Knowing so much more about Parker and particularly the Spenser series, I can't compare it with anything I've read of Parker recently, but the plot of the book was outstanding with great solid character descriptions. It just enticed me with every page I turned and recall reading it quickly because I had a difficult time putting it down.