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A Morning for Flamingos  - James Lee Burke Slowly but surely getting through this great character Dave Robicheaux and his (mis)adventures. This is book number four.

Each book just keeps getting deeper into his psyche and the characters are so well drawn that you can see them clearly in your mind. Some of the main characters are bad guys, drug pushers, killers, etc. but the more you get to know them the more they show their humane side and the reader finds them more complicated to the point that maybe they're not all that bad. But there are the really bad ones, who have no conscience, of course, or are psycho.

Twists and turns every other page, with the ending, of course, satisfactory. Satisfactory doesn't sound strong enough, a happy ending with no ends hanging loose. The problems, just find a way to resolve...with very plausible and solid closings.

So very glad that I started reading the series because I love characters who are layered with layers unfolding with each book. This one is particularly telling in that Dave delves more into his time in the Vietnam War along with another character in the multiple storylines.

Saw a review and they used the word 'gritty' and that was so description of Burke's writing style which I just love. He's a gritty writer, uses gritty words for a gritty storyline. Love his gritty books!