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Sanibel Flats - Randy Wayne White Happened to pick this up at used book store and it's the best $2 I've ever spent. Loved, just loved the book. When I find a writer I love, I tend to read everything they've written and this happened with RWW. Read them all (Doc Ford) and follow him like a groupie. Have also read his six books under Striker and enjoyed them as well, although they're not as 'polished' as the Doc Ford series. Doc Ford and Tomlinson are quite a pair and balance each other in a good, unique and fun way. White's description of the surrounding are not only believable but create a sense of place for the reader. So happy to have stumbled upon Randy Wayne White a few years ago. His books have brought me many hours of pleasurable time which was well spent. Much enjoyable reading and it all started with this great book. Can't wait until February 2012 for next one.