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Heaven's Prisoners - James Lee Burke Unfortunately, I started reading this Dave Robincheaux series out of order simply because Black Cherry Blues was an Edgar Award winner.

First book was Neon Rain which was great. This was the second book then Black Cherry Blues, the third in the series.

Personally, this one is a favorite. No, changed my mind, Black Cherry; no, Neon; what can I say? They are all so, so good and can see all of them nominated for the award and/or receiving the award.

Dave is one flawed individual but he knows it and is continually trying to be a better human being. He conscience guides him, sometimes into more trouble but he still he moves forward.

Can't recall how many are in the series but look forward to reading them all because Burke's writing is about as flawless as his character isn't. A reviewer said it's 'gritty' and I can't improve upon that description. I like the rough and tumble writing and although I know very, very little about Cajun anything, am learning slowly since the locale is New Orleans and New Iberina with side trips near and far depending on the book.

Do urge you, if you decide to read Burke, to start with The Neon Rain.

As an aside, he's first cousin once removed to Andre Dubus III, the writer of House of Sand and Fog, and Burke's daughter is also an accomplished writer. A writing family, no doubt, so talent runs in their blood along with that French connection.