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Blue Hour - Jefferson Parker Good friend recommended (and gave me) this book and it's my second T. Jefferson Parker book.

His writing is just swell, he knows how to write. It's the subject matter that is still churning within me. I call it the 'yuk factor.' My friend says gory. Either way, had a hard night sleeping the first night of reading it. So silly for me because I have a difficult time sleeping without thinking about gory themed, violent books!

Read some other reviews about another author I'm reading as his being too violent. Well, apparently they've never read Jeff Parker! Now this book is what I call violent and scary violent to boot.

It's categorized as a thriller, so next time I see that on the binding, I will certainly take a second and maybe third look.

That aside, it was a great story about a young (mid-30's) brash woman detective who filed a sexual harrassment lawsuit and a recently retired 67 year old undergoing chemo after one lung was partially removed. He was offered tenure as detective consultant to help with his insurance and his agreement to work with this brash second generation cop. It was very warm and strongly written and loved the interaction between the two detectives. However, going back to the gory, just couldn't get it behind me so told my good friend, please give me a 'heads up' after you read these books at least so I'll know. Of course she will, being the great friend she is; said she didn't know I was such a 'scaredy cat'...I didn't either but should have guessed thinking about the movie Psycho! Yes, I am a scaredy cat!