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The Broken Vase - Rex Stout Oh my, forget about taking a break to read a slim little paperback, good, I hope, but without many complications and characters. Well, this one wasn't it.

I've been reading some Nero Wolfe by Rex Stout who wrote from the 1930's to 1970's and this was not Nero but quite a good P.I. named Tecumseh Fox. This was the last of three Stout wrote so apparently he enjoyed writing about Wolfe more than Fox.

It's got a great plot, and loads of characters any one of which could be the one who 'dun it.' It was hard for me to keep reminding myself who was who. Wore out page 30 of my edition going back to names that were only mentioned once or twice but Stout always tells a great story with a great wrap up at the end.

Without much effort anyone can see that this was written by the same author of 49 Nero Wolfe books but who cares? A good book is a good book!

By the way, Stout was named Best Mystery Series of the Century in 2000 which was one of the reasons I sought him out to read.