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The Neon Rain  - James Lee Burke Unfortunately, I read Black Cherry Blues first, then this one and I really like to read character series in order. Too late to complain now. Should have done better research.

Liked this book a lot and had to go through a thought process to determine four or five stars. Wish I could have halfs because I would have upped it to four and one half stars. Settled on four after waffling for a few minutes.

I really liked the book though and it set up the Dave Robicheaux character with more background info. This guy is something else in that he really goes by his own rules, his own idea of morality, and don't get in his way when you're on the wrong side. Let me say though, his humanity is visible but if you're the bad guy and he knows it, better move to another town and change your name. Dave has his own rule book and he will hunt you down and come after you.

In the last 50 pages or so I started thinking about the lovely descriptions of the landscape, (it's set in New Orleans and the bayous) how Robicheaux makes decisions and how he decides what is important to him. Burke's writing was almost poetic, prose like, and lyrical in some instances. I have a fondness for such writing so it really captured my imagination although it was the end. It was after all the violence and the final outcome and then this lovely use of the English language. Calmness after all that violence.

Nice job, James Lee Burke, and now I know why you have such great following. Count me in!