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The First Rule - Robert Crais I enjoy Robert Crais' writing and Elvis Cole is the kind of character I really like. He's funny, has morals, knows how to be easy and knows how and when to be tough. Crais' other character, Joe Pike, is a loner except for his only friend and co-owner of the P.I. agency, Elvis. Joe's the counter character of Elivs so they bounce off each other nicely. They watch each other's back.

This book, I believe, is the last one of Crais so I have read everything he has written thus far.

It's been an enjoyable ride and I have spent many hours in the adventures of mostly Elvis and some of Joe and many of both. I still remember the first book, The Monkey's Raincoat and I gave it five stars, maybe four but it was close if it was four.

At this time I've grown weary of the storylines. I still like it but the thrill has been receeding. Why, I'm not sure if it's the story or just me but glad this is the end. Which, of course, doesn't mean I will not pick up the next one when it's published but glad it's not this week or next. I want that feeling of reading and turning the page quickly with much anticipation and excitement of what's going to happen. I want that feeling back.