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An Ice Cold Grave - Charlaine Harris Here's a gamechanger, An Ice Cold Grave. Harper Connelly travels around the U. S. trying to locate the dead who are missing. A gift she received after being struck by lightening and one she uses to pay the bills. Her step-brother, Tolliver, acts as her support and manager and is quite successful as both.

Obviously (reading the back cover) this is the darkest of the series. There's a lot going on in this little town, Doraville, NC and let's just say it's not a place I would like to live and neither does Harper and Tolliver.

This is such a fun roller coaster read, easy going, simple but complex at the same time. It's awesome how Harris can write so many different character series and be so successful at all of them. I've been a fan for a while now, thanks to my favorite bookseller, Vanessa, who turned me on to her.

Just have a gut feeling this may be the last we'll see of Harper. Harris writes six or seven in a series, then creates a new character with new and different interesting personalities and quirks. I've liked them all, some more than others, but she such a great and versatile writer. Hope I'm wrong on this being the last because I would love to read a dozen more of Harper's travels around the U. S.

Well maybe there's at least one more because the question of Cameron, her sister who has been missing for eight years, hasn't been resolved. I sure hope so, otherwise I'll be bone dry missing this series.