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Silent Joe - T. Jefferson Parker This book won the Edgar Award for best book of the year? Astonishing!

Storylines: Just fine. B+

Writing: Very readable. B+

Characters: Lacking. C-

The main character, the protagonist if you will (and I hate that word) didn't seem too bright although he was a black belt many times over (if that can be) and well versed with weapons, shooting with both his left and right hands.

However, his social skills were way at the bottom of the well. He attempted to make up for his facial scars by overcompensating on politeness way beyond the pall. Someone looking him in the eye saying he was going to kill him and he responds, "Yes, sir," things such as that. And he's talking to his new (and first) girlfriend ever on the phone and he wants to reach two fingers in through the phone and reach in for her, pull her out and swallow her whole. I'm paraphasing here, but it's very close to the actual words used.

For some reason, and I can't put my finger on it, I just didn't like the character all that much. Seemed like an overgrown jerk which is why I'm still dumbfounded that this book won the Edgar Award. I base much of my reading of new authors on nominees and winners of that award. Maybe I'll have to take a second look at that if this won the award.