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Taming A Sea-Horse - Robert B. Parker Ah, another Spenser novel down and who knows how many more to go!

At the beginning the book started to sound tired and worn from reading so many of the other Spenser novels but soon the pace picked up and it had a twist, another in Spenser's long know effort to 'right the wrongs' of society and to accept what he can't change.

Parker's writing is still good, no doubt. Guess I'm just getting tired of so much of the same, same. My favorite parts of Parker's books is when he delves into the psyche of Spenser and Hawk, his buddy, and even Susan. But that's just me. And there were those moments in TASH (nice acronym.)

Will continue on the journey but with more time between novels...say months.

Had thoughts though while reading TASH of The Judas Goat, my very favorite Spenser. It was so good and keep thinking, 'this one may be it' the 'it' being a book as great as The Judas Goat. But, no, not yet.

I can see now why authors move on to other characters with more surprises because re-hashing just isn't fun to read and I'm sure, not to much fun to write especially if you happen to be a great writer like Robert B. Parker.