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Farewell, My Lovely - Raymond Chandler Hooked on Raymond Chandler and reading his books from beginning to end. Won't be long before I'm finished since he only wrote seven. And just love his connect or rather Robert B. Parker's connection to Chandler.

Apparently they met and Parker said (I read somewhere) that he missed Chandler's character Philip Marlowe so much that he had to come up with a character with a similar sensibilities. Parker did, too.

Chandler writes with such clarity and his use of the English language is so tight and clear. The back of my edition says "Chandler tells it with a raw richness of simile seldom seen in a detective yarn." I love the use of simile and Chandler uses it throughout this book with ease and purpose.

Will spend some time reading Chandler's biography to see if I can determine how he developed such beautiful writing skills. Certainly makes me jealous wishing I could write like that but happy I'm the beneficiary of his skill.

Will re-read at a later date because due to illness I wasn't able to concentrate like usual, so will definately read again soon.

Good reading ahead, always with Chandler.