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Grave Sight - Charlaine Harris Vanessa, my favorite bookseller, says Charlaine Harris is the most under rated writer today. I tend to agree with her. Harris is great coming up with these quirky characters and here's another one she adds to her long list.

Harper Connelly (I love her name) can find the dead (when they're missing, of course) and visualize the last moments of the person's life. She travels with her step-brother who handles the money matters. They travel to sites as requested by friends or family of the deceased or law enforcement agencies.

This book is the first in a series and I liked it a lot. I've liked all of Harris' characters but some more than others. But Harper and Tolliver, her step-brother, are just regular folks who provide a service and get paid for it. And they seem to have their heads placed quite firmly on their heads. Just likable people, just like us; kindof anyhow.

Not going to run out right now and get the next one, Grave Surprise, but it sure was a fun read and break from the usual. I wonder how a writer can write in such detail about so many diverse characters. In case you forgot, this is Sookie Stackhouse's creator and my favorite, Aurora Teagarden. Hurray for Charlaine Harris! Harper deserves four stars from me!