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The Last Detective - Robert Crais After nine books on Elvis Cole, you would think there's nothing new to discovery. But this is Robert Crais, a great storyteller so there's always something new and exciting about Elvis and Joe Pike. Learn more about Elvis' life before his 'greatest detective on earth' days.

This time around Elvis' girlfriend's ex-husband plays a significant role. He's not a likable character but such makes life dramatic for Elvis.

Fast paced is such a cliche' but what else can be said, it was. Twists and turns from beginning to end, this fast read book left me wanting to pick up the next Elvis Cole book.

Speaking of fast, I'm fast running out of the series which I do not look forward to. Crais just came out with one so it's on the horizon...fans have been waiting a few years. Guess Crais found out how popular Elvis was so he broke down and recently delivered another, thank goodness. Not at the end just yet!