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The Widening Gyre - Robert B. Parker Pretty good book with the subject as timely today as ever: corruption and hypocrisy in politics.

Spenser's doing some introspection here, in fact, a lot more than usual. He doing some self examination since Susan is moving forward with getting her Ph.D. in psychology and Spenser resents her being away. He loves her but tries to understand himself and his feelings without her closer to him. Young Paul, from an earlier book, makes a brief appearance and opens a door to Spenser psyche which Spenser explores.

Not much in the way of 'kick ass' and Hawk makes only a brief appearance but still a good read especially if a reader is following Spenser like I've (and Jeff) have been doing.

When I find a writer I like more than others, I always read a biographical sketch and will find (if there is one) a Parker bio and read it. What little I know though is that Parker and Joan, his wife, separated for a couple of years and when they got back together they had one floor which was Parker's, another which was Joan's and still another which was 'theirs' and was probably a kitchen and living room area. Just guessing on that one. It's obvious an author's experience is reflected in his/her writing, I wonder how much in Parker's case?

After I read a bio of Parker (providing, of course, that there is one) in my spare time I might compare the dates of his published books with his personal life. After publishing some books, he did go back to school and received his Ph.D. in English literature and his written words, his phasing, shows his notable education. No question about that.

This book though tells a lot about Spenser's psyche and how he attempts to resolve his personal
issues with Susan's desire to further her education.

I hope they never marry though, because I want him for myself...I'm selfish that way. Other than his minor indiscretion, which unfortunately I've never forgiven him for, he's my kind of guy. Witty and literary and knows the proper wine to order with dinner. What more could a woman ask for? Oh, yeh, forgot about that minor indiscretion...I'll have to do more thinking about it before I commit. Spenser married with kids? Oh my, how could he solve all the problems which land on his desk with a wife and kids at home? Nope, would rather he continue as he is, overthinking about love.