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Intern - Doctor X, Alan E. Nourse At the urging of my daughter, an OB/GYN RN, I read half the book but had to put it down although in my opinion, it was well written. An intern kept a journal in the mid-1960's and published the journal in 1965. I usually don't review books that I put down, and perhaps I should note that as 'put down' on my shelf. I didn't put it down because it was not a good book. This book enlightened me to the fact that there are other reasons for not finishing a book.

Unfortunately, I found the description of the ailments of the patients quite disturbing. The 'uck' factor was more than I could handle. In fact I told friends including my daughter, that I think it brought on short term depression. When I considered that, I just read through the first two chapters, Medicine I and Obstetrics and Gynecology, about one-half of the book, then gave it up because daughter said the 'uck' factor, as I called it, got worse. She said pediatrics was a real heartbreaker. I believed her.

Highly recommended for those in the field of medicine though. They work in that environment, patients coughing yellow mucus (and other stuff) daily. And Dr. X, the writer, told it like he saw it, warts and all. He even owned up to making his own mistakes which I thought was quite commendable. Interns are there to learn. He pulled no punches even with his fellow doctors which is probably why he authored it as "Dr. X."

Good reading for someone not queasy. Got a stomach ache now just thinking about it. Uck!