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Early Autumn - Robert B. Parker Hum. Something Spenser would say, or perhaps Susan or Hawk for that matter. Hum, what to say about Early Autumn?

Certainly a change of pace for Spenser, this book delves deeper into Spenser's character like never before. Who is this guy Spenser; what makes him tick?

Some answers are found in this unique book along with more about Hawk. Won't say Hawk, Spenser's sidekick because that wouldn't be quite accurate. They certainly have similar values and are friends, I think, but they are so very different in their innate reaction to resolving problems to the point when reading one paragraph, I gasped. Really.

Spenser tries to help a 15 year old whose parents forgot about (or never knew) their responsibilites to raise him. Spenser tries to make him 'a man', an autonomous, emotionally self-supporting man with positive attributes.

How he goes about doing this is the theme of the book. It's good, really good, because like I said, I finished knowing more about Spenser and Hawk, their values and morals than I did before now. That's why it gets four stars which I changed from three.

Reading the Spenser series (mostly in chronological order) this was a real break from The Judas Goat which left me breathless But it's a good book and can certainly stand alone.