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Gone with the Wind - Margaret Mitchell On my quest to insert American classic writers and their books into my reading, I picked up Gone With the Wind. Scarlett O'Hara waited a long time for me to read about her colorful life.

As everyone knows, the book is intimidating it's so long, but I read it in a week forgetting about those things which needed to be done while I was on vacation.

It was good, well, better than just good. Great, perhaps. Somewhere between very good and great...how about that?

Written in 1936 by Margaret Mitchell, it was the only book she wrote.

The primary location of the story was the O'Hara family planation of Tara not far from Atlanta and it covers the period shortly before the Civil War, during the war and the Reconstruction period.

It was a beautifully told story which (for me) lagged in places. But for the length of the book, how could it not lag in places? So glad I read the book...well worth the time spent. Will read it again but not this year or next or how about 2015!?