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Meet You in Hell: Andrew Carnegie, Henry Clay Frick, and the Bitter Partnership That Changed America - Les Standiford Les Standiford is a favorite author of mine, so had to read the book.

Being from the south, I have limited knowledge of the northern industrial states so the first thing I had to do was print out a map of the Pittsburgh area. It would have been nice to include for those of us not so familiar with the area.

Perhaps Standiford wrote it for textbook purposes, and in that case, maybe a map wouldn't be necessary. In fact, when I was reading it, it kind of reminded me of a textbook.

The book was good though, and for a person like myself who can't fathom what eight tons is like, his analogies were so understandable.

Wish there were 1/2 stars because it was better than I just 'liked it' but not 'really liked it.' Learned a lot of history though, and that's what I like about reading And some of it sounded like it could have come from the NY Times this morning, sounding a little familiar.