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Sunset Express - Robert Crais Elvis Cole is one crackerjack P.I. who easily says, he's 'the greatest detective in the world.' Yeh, he's a little cocky but he is very good at what he does and he's got Joe Pike as his backup. Pike would make any one just a little cocky.

So many things to love about Elvis...besides his name if you're an Elvis P. fan.

His black cat for one, the cat who hates everyone except Elvis and Joe. Black cat (no name) reminds me of my cat. Has that attitude going but Elvis still pampers him and loves him by giving him Bumble Bee White Tuna, which is his most favorite thing. "That and field mice," says Elvis. One of those funny moments in the life of Elvis Cole between his finding the bad guys.

Reading the series and this is #6 I believe. Elvis becomes famous in this book with lots of newspaper coverage for his great detective work.

I'm partial, I just like Crais' writing and Elvis but most people would probably give it three stars. That's ok, too. I'm a little partial to Elvis, that's all, and I admit it.