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The Robert B. Parker Companion - Dean James, Elizabeth Foxwell Oh, my. I had forgotten I downloaded this nice and helpful book until I was searching for something else. Believe it was 99 cents, too.

So glad I did since I'm on a mission to read the entire Spenser series. Just realized (thanks to this handy book) that I've already read Looking for Rachel Wallace which was next on my list.

Purposely didn't read the synopsis of all the books because I didn't want spoilers but this is one handy guide with bio, interview, cast of characters and notable quotations. A few other things that would interest someone who has taken on the challenge of reading Parker's collection which is a lot of books, friend!

With the Spenser series, I just finished The Judas Goat (TJG) and it was the best so far. The first of Spenser are good, very good, no problem, but TJG was phenomenal for this genre of fiction. Gave it five stars. Certainly not the best, very best I've ever read but certainly the top in this category of books.

Helpful and entertaining guide just wish it had included Boston map, though.

Happy reading.