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My Ántonia - Willa Cather I decided a few years ago to read, from time to time, American classics. This was the beginning of my personal challenge and what a great decision for me to chose this book first.

Cather's writing is amazing. I didn't want the book to end. My daughter said she did, what I did, slowed down my reading towards the end trying to make it last longer. I even re-read the final chapters because I did not want to leave and didn't pick up another book for a couple of days digesting what I had read.

Written in 1918 about the experience of immigrants settling in the American west, Nebraska at that, I wasn't sure what to expect. However, with the awards and adulations Cather received, I should have set my personal bar (which I mentally set before reading) higher.

My Antonia was beautifully written. I found myself re-reading sentences more than one time because of the phrasing of her sentences. They were simply lovely descriptions of the locale, people, emotions and everything which draws you into the story.

I did an inquiry because the narrator was a man but Cather (a woman) did, of course, write the novel. I found myself totally drawn into the main character, Antoina, and fell in love with her as her story of her life and the life of those around here unfolded.

Will read again, and although I usually don't keep books(turn them for unread ones)this was a keeper.

I love and still love My Antonia. And she's more than worthy to love and re-read.