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President Barack Obama The Kindle Singles Interview - David Blum Well, who am I to pass up a free Kindle read?

Mostly, if not all, softball questions and the answers which may or may not have been prepared. Who knows?

Not much new here and given an opportunity as David Blum was, I would sit down with the POTUS, too! Not sure that I would have asked about the same things that Blum asked. I would have gotten a bit more personal, such as what do you like to read? Do you keep track of what you read?

All this was a rehash (Q&A) but gives the flaming Republicans another forum to bash the President of the United States. It really doesn't matter what the bashing is about...it's about anything and everything and has been since 2008. (I still contend they don't like the color of his skin although my Republican friends say "no, that's not it." I know my friends very well, and that's it regardless of what they say. But cannot say the same about any Republicans reading this.)

Noticed on Amazon though, as of right now, there re 561 reviews...some long, some short. Of the 561, 242 gave it one star and there are some (a lot of) rants thrown in. 198 gave it five stars...78 with four stars. The remaining ones, two to three stars.

When I read Amazon reviews (mostly on political books) mostly there are rants on something and I always check to see if they've reviewed any other books. Looked on one review of one-star rant and the last thing reviewed was for the stock of some rifle...no surprise there. Needless to say that I hold very little credibility in Amazon reviews of just about everything.

Yes, I supported and worked for OFA in both campaigns but still, not much new here and wouldn't have bought it. (Well, except maybe to offset an Amazon reviewer who said she got it and read it to write review, to put in her two cents in about a president who was not born in the United States of America anyway.)

Get my drift here? Want to borrow it, let me know...or it's still free on download, now. But same, same if you watch the news. (BTW, unemployment is down again to 7.4% which tells me things ARE getting better.)