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Angels Flight (Harry Bosch, #6) - Michael Connelly "Busy, busy, busy," much like woman on Angie's List commercial. But will write short review on book eventually. Needless to say though, five stars, which I'm stingy with. That says a lot.


I've been reading the Harry Bosch series in order, of course, to satisfy my ADD, we decided to call it. (That's from a Goodreads thread I visit from time to time about series and I am not alone in saying I must read them in order.) Almost in order, anyway.

This is number six in the series, and is perhaps my first five star for the Bosch series. I'm very stingy with my stars and seldom give a five star rating for any book. This one, however, is well-deserved and entitled to all five!

As I've said before, Harry had to grow on me slowly and did or rather has. Read it; it's a great read, with a fast pace plotline, great characterization of supporting cast; everything that makes a great read.

Michael Connelly just keeps getting better looking with every picture he takes, "Mickey, Mickey, you're so cute!" And his books keep getting better along with him. Like fine wine. I'll take a sip; no a big gulp, thank you very much. Another glass around here? Gimme the bottle!