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The 24th Letter - Tom Lowe The second in the series of Sean O'Brian that I've read, I liked the first one much better. Perhaps because of the scenery and the story, in my opinion was better told in the first book.

Don't think I like the character all that much. He seems a little arrogant and pushy to me. While he retired (not forced) from the Miami PD, he orders present law enforcement officers around like he's their boss. "here, send this to FBI."

He even uses his friends as his backup, calling on them to 'do this' and 'do that.' I'm sure they would anyway, that's what friends do, but he seems to demand it.

Only he finds evidence at different crime scenes. CSI and other enforcement officers apparently are blind to everything he easily sees. And while the plot was supposed to offer suspense by way of a countdown of when an innocent man was to be put to death, I just didn't feel it. The suspense factor, the 'who dun it' factor didn't click in for me.

This second book seemed more elementary and even poorly written than his first book. Missing the local touch of familarity in Daytona Beach, Deland and the St. Johns River didn't help my overall opinion of the book either.

On a deserted island with one book to read, yeah, I would pick it up. But given Tom Lowe or Robert B. Parker, Parker hands down. Or Shames, or Corcoran or anybody else I've read and can think of off the top of my head. Connelly or Burke, they have nothing to worry about with this new writer who I admire for at least putting his hand to paper (or computer.)