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The Pillars of the Earth - Ken Follett My review is not going to be lengthy, like the book, all 973 pages of it. I'm intimidated by such long books at the beginning. I found myself saying to myself, only 300 pages to go; only 150 pages to go, etc. etc. That's not how I like to read, trying to get through the book, to say I did it. But I did it, got through the book.

It came highly recommended by three people who have a good idea of what books I like: Vanessa, my favorite bookseller; Jeff, my Goodreads friend; and David who know what books I've enjoyed over the years. I feel like I let them down because I couldn't give it five stars.

While I seldom, if ever, criticize writers or editors, (don't like what they write, write your own!) but in this case I'm making an exception. An editor with a keen eye could have cut 200 meaningless pages because they were repetitious. I read it once, then the same information turned up again 200 pages later, then again another 75 pages later.

Great storyline though and enjoyed the history (taken with a grain of salt) but hey, it's fiction so all that can be overlooked.

Glad I read it though because it was mostly entertaining. Mostly, about 600 pages out of the almost 1,000 pages. Last book I'll read in a long time which is that long. Just like to go different places...Boston with Spenser; Fort Lauderdale with Travis; or the Keys with Thorn.