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The Lincoln Lawyer (Mickey Haller, #1) - Michael Connelly WOW! What a great read that was. Great plot; clear and interesting characters; action, something happening every page; twists and turns; did I say great plot?

To me it was one of the best books I've read in a long time and a first for me reading Michael Connelly. I've seen his name and books but never been too interested in the hyped and hightly marketed authors which I thought defined Connelly. I was just plain wrong. Connelly writes like I like and enjoy. He writes like a professional, clear and clean. So I'm now on the Connelly band wagon.

This new character, Michael "Mickey" Haller is a defense attorney and apparently the step brother to another established character who Connelly has been writing about for quite some time. A guy by the name of Bosch.

I caught this right since I like reading from the beginning rather than starting a series in the middle.

Most of Haller's clients appear to be guilty and he just 'finds a crack' which opens up a gray area of doubt which keeps them from prison. He's troubled that he may not recognize innocence when he sees it and he carries that as a very heavy burden.

Having the 'perfect' client who can move him finanically to the top, the client quickly becomes a burden and places Haller in a untenable situation.

Great book, skillful writing and a pleasure to read. Could hardly put the book down and looking forward to reading more of Connelly, hyped or not. I think not. He's too good so it's not hype.