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President Obama's New World Order, An Analysis of Obama's First Inaugural Address - Ronald Messer The `writer' Ronald Messer begins with a homey, depreciating `aw shucks,' just little ole me, "...the common man. I identify more with the sparrows than with the eagles." Messer grew up in a little cotton mill town in South Carolina, although he admits to living outside SC for 50 years.

I have family in the area so know it well although I'm a native Floridian. The people are all hard-working, God fearing, mostly Baptists but certainly Christian, very little diversity and where old black fellows still walk around with their eyes cast down, seldom, if ever, looking a white person in the eye. It's part of the Bible belt for sure with churches on every block. Which, of course, is fine with me.

The typical right-wing terms are there: bailouts, workless welfare, increased food stamps, and low and behold I read "forty-seven percent of Americans on some form of dole..." He's 70 years old, and he is, I'm sure one of the 47% if he receives Social Security which I'm sure he does. In that 47% are veterans, Medicaid recipients for the working poor, and even those who pay no income tax at all because they don't make enough money in the entire year, surviving only on minimum wage jobs, sometimes three. Ask me, I know about that one.

And Sandra Fluke, the young women whose doctor prescribed birth control pills because of her medical problem? Fluke was asked (by a Democrat) to appear before the all male congressional committee making health decisions for women and was denied? Messer calls her "the condom queen." Really?

The hypocrisy by Messer is beyond the pale. If he feels good writing a far right-wing opinioned eBook, he certainly has the right to do that. But to make statements out of context saying that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said "never waste a good crisis..." when she was talking about global warming and the impact it can have of the population making a positive impact on climate change, was simply wrong.

It's a good right-wing conservative eBook. While it has a publication date of March, it was obviously updated before it hit the streets on Amazon because it includes reference to the clandestine recording of candidate Romney's $50,000 a plate fund raising event for supporters in the rich Florida city of Boca Raton. He said 47% of the nation are 'victims' who would not vote for him anyway. Thanks Mr. Romeny, we needed to hear how you really feel about almost one-half the country.

Fortunately, I was not a 'victim' of this one-sided book because it was free on Amazon. Read the book before the election, or not. You can also listen to Bill O'Reilly or Rush Limbaugh and get the same thing.

One star for a reading of lies, distortions and half-truths. That's not ok, worthy of even two stars.

Nonsense, complete and silly far-right wing nonsense but certainly hope Mr. Messer feels better 'getting this off his chest.'