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History of St. Augustine: Whimsically Illustrated Account of North America's Oldest City - Jesse W. Love,  Terry K. Kent While this was a quick overview of the Oldest City in the United States, founded September 8, 1565, I questioned that so many historical events happened in the remainder of that year alone.

As a native and lifelong resident, I'm well versed in the history of St. Augustine having my own library dedicated only to the city, so I do not make this statement lightly.

Yes, St. Augustine is beautiful and many times it's said that it looks more European than anything else except, of course, Disney World. People tend to visit Orlando, then come to St. Augustine with visions of the 'magical' world and unfortunately think Castillo de San Marcos was a replica of 'a castle' built only for their enjoyment. (It was built 1672-1695.)

St. Augustine is a living, thriving city with all kinds of vehicles, tour busses, cars, trucks, RV's, everything imaginable, so obey the laws just like you would in your own hometown, such as crossing at crosswalks, looking both ways before crossing. The usual. Park at the VIC with convenient and reasonable price and walk, not driving by and just looking. In the most congested area of the city, the downtown area where many sites are located, there are homes where real people live, and businesses, all real, not posing for 'color.'

Locals, including tour guides, are gracious, welcoming and courteous just because that's who we are. Come and admire all the lovely architecture, the Plaza, the Oldest House and of course, Castillo de San Marcos.

The sketches in the book add to the word whimsy in the title, but come see for yourself and get the timelines, 'up close and personal.' The red carpet has been out for visitors for hundreds of years.

Sales job on St. Augustine from Cathy? Yep!