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Crimespree Magazine #41 Mar/Apr - Jon Jordan,  Keith Thomson,  Hank Phillip Ryan,  Dave Zeltserman,  Libby Fischer Hellman,  Craig McDonald,  Don Winslow,  Maxim Jakubowski,  Ruth Jordan,  Reed Farrel Coleman On Kindle and take with me when I know I'm going to be waiting for someone, i.e. doctor, train, boat, plane.

A magazine with interviews, book reviews, short stories, essays by writers on their craft and other miscellaneous readings. There are some noted authors I've read such as James Swain and some I've never heard of but want to read such as Peter Spielgelman who won the Shamus Award.

It will take me a bit of time to finish this since I won't pick it up with regularity (unless I get gravely ill.)

Followup: Finished...and enjoyed picking and choosing what I found interesting. Best part? Learning of the names of authors who I was unfamiliar with but apparently who write thrillers, mysteries and crime fiction.

Somewhat dated (2005) but I've been reading Rex Stout, Raymond Chandler and Charles Willeford and others, noir writers so dates matter little to me since they are new authors and books.

Nice change of pace.

Going to check to see if magazine is still being publised. If so, I'm getting to read besides my weekly, monthly and quarterly magazines and the hundreds of books I want to read. Oh, my.