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Transfer Of Power (Mitch Rapp, #1) - Vince Flynn My favorite genre is mysteries and noir with a sprinkling of great fiction such as Kite Runner and House of Sand and Fog and classics. Towards the bottom of least favorite is a political thriller because most of them, to me, seem geared for men with an intimate knowledge of guns, aircraft, parachuting, etc. So when authors are describing a MP-5, the reader can visualize what it looks like. I can’t, so that was one of my problems that I can’t blame the author.

With that said, the book was just ok for me but can understand how it would and did get many four and five stars because it was indeed a ‘thriller’ in all sense of the word. Something exciting happening (mostly) from the beginning to the end. However, there was plenty of tunneling and hanging out in a closet as well which for me got pretty boring. Also, the book lacked insight as to who the protagonist Mitch Rapp really is. How did he become an umber-macho man? A character who men, I’m sure, simply love.

My concern is not with the possibility of whether the plotline is conceivable--fiction is fiction, possible or not, it’s fiction, folks. Flynn’s writing just seemed to get bogged down at times with some of the descriptions of guns, ammo and equipment that I am not familiar with at all and had a hard time visualizing. And the dialog was just sometimes plain sappy with the back and forth between especially between Rapp and Rielly, Rapp’s female interest. Time for romance in the middle of all the chaos, pretty unlikely but hey, it’s fiction. Making ‘goo-goo’ eyes at each other touch when killers are just feet away, heh, it’s fiction.

The ending was simply, in my mind, just “aw, shucks, ma’am” moments and the dialog sounded just like that. Also, there were a couple of loose strings such as the insider’s bad guy who befriended an enemy, was he finally found out? It’s never stated.

Again, men in particular should not look at my two stars, as a ‘don’t read’ because it was just ok. Men would like it or love it, I’m sure, much more than I did. And some women would love it, I’m sure but they’re probably much more knowledgeable with guns and such than I am and that would make a difference in the books’ likability.’ I just didn’t think it was an “amazing” five star book in the same category of The Grapes of Wrath or a more contemporary book such as Cutting for Stone.

Tell you what though, I sure was glad I was out of that tunnel and on terra firma once again!