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Flags of Our Fathers
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Paul Levine
Masters of Noir: Volume One - Lawrence Block,  Mickey Spillane,  Ed McBain,  Richard S. Prather,  Gil Brewer,  Frank Kane,  Jonathan Craig,  Bruno Fischer,  Fletcher Flora TV commericals, great ones, memorable ones, must be short, sharp, to the point, and make people want to run out the door to buy the product.

Short stories are similar because readers must 'get' the character in very few words, the dialog must be to the point and easily interpreted, and the writing sharp and easily understood.

I've been enjoying a personal challenge to read early noir books and this one was on sale on Kindle. It took a few weeks to finish because I would read chapters while waiting in doctor offices and stuff like that. But every story, some were very short, others not quite so short, was great. And the authors, Mickey Spillane, Ed McBain, Lawrence Block and Frank Kane (not all of them) were just names I recognized. Didn't know what solid writers they were and the endings of a couple of the stories made me shake my head with surprise.

Downloading Volume 2 to read while waiting in doctor offices; mysterious reading for mysterious places!