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The Ehrengraf Presumption - Lawrence Block I love short stories and this one is short, short but great, great.

The difficulty with writing short stories is one of brevity. It's the key but saying a lot in the fewest and hopefully the simplest words possible makes a successful short story and it's hard writing. There’s an opening, the middle, the close in a few words and that's hard.

And this little jewel is one of the shortest short stories I'm sure I ever read but one of the best, too. Love the character, Martin Enhrengraf, an attorney. Quite a character and classy dresser too.

I knew the name Lawrence Block but couldn't recall where. While glancing through his books, he's written introductions to books I've read, had short stories in anthologies, written forewards besides having a huge library of his own books. He is definitely an author I will read again and again.

Most happy to give four big stars for this great short story.