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The Angels' Share - Laurence Shames Ahhhh. Another Laurence Shames book. I was ecstatic!

While on a Florida author kick, and always will be, I read and really loved all of Shames’ books, which were set in the Keys. Wonderful and real characters, great storylines, just enough humor to please me. And his writing is his own without being wordy or long-winded.

Since my favorite genre is mysteries/thrillers, I never intentionally read romance. And while I didn’t know his latest book, an e-book, was romance, I bought it because I simply love his writing since his first book I read, Florida Straits.

Some of the humor I recall reading previously was here and Shames does, as usual, a lovely job of writing in an almost lyrical way…describing the landscape, skies and people with color and a sing-song melody. It’s just the way he writes and did I say, I love his writing?

The storyline though was unique to Shames; three couples trying to find their way to happiness together, two in ‘heaven‘ and one on earth. The book flows from ‘heaven’ to earth in a smooth fashion, with the different characters trying to atone for the mistakes they made while living or in death. Their mistakes (some are worse than others) are described so beautifully that you root for them, warts and all, in their effort to capture the love of the person they missed the first time around. They are all trying to find the happiness that eluded them.

Again, while not reading romance novels except perhaps classics, if it has Laurence Shames’ name on the cover, I will read it. However, I hope he hasn’t completely forgotten the many readers who loved Augie and Joey, especially, just two of his very colorful characters in his novels set in the Keys.

Normally, I would have given three stars to this book, but with the name of one of my favorite authors, Shames, on the cover, I bumped it up another star. Yes, I love Laurence Shames writing, and not ashamed to say so. Next time I hope we are back in the Keys though. And soon.