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The Ghosts of Havana - Mike  Dennis Hummm. Ok book, certainly quick to read since there's not much to remember and try to put together. Not real sure I like the main character, Robbie, too much. He's not the kind of guy I would hang with. Too violent, will kill or set up a kill with little thought. Further he lends money at an alarming rate of interest, a Shylock. Kind of hard to find some kinred spirit here.

Have to say that I did enjoy the scenery around Key West which was one of the reasons I got the book. That and it was free on Kindle so I don't feel like I wasted money; as it was, just a little bit of time.

This was book number two; not sure I'll download book number one in the series. Just wasn't all that good to read more of. And I might be the only person on Goodreads to have read it. That will tell you something!