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A Catskill Eagle (Spenser, #12) - Robert B. Parker Well, it looks like Spenser's back and thank goodness, Hawk makes more than an appearance here. He an intricate part of the story. I'm fond of Hawk, he's a cool dude and is Frack for Spenser's Frick.

Susan, now she's another story in my book. Starting to wonder what Spenser sees in her; oh, I forgot, he loves her. But really Susan, get it together, please!

Really liked the storyline, with Spenser and Hawk traveling outside Boston to get done what they need to do to make things right.
for Raymond
This novel Spenser gets side-tracked with his morals which up to now have be steady and firm. He does what needs to be done though for the betterment of everyone, but there's a subtle change in him.

USA Today says on the back cover, "if you like tight writing, no wasted words, loads of liolence, and interesting characters, Parker will be your cup of tea." Yes, Robert B. Parker is my cup of tea since this is the latest Spenser read in series which I've challenged myself.

Prepared to continue until the end (27 maybe?) and A Catskill Eagle is number 15 if I counted right. At least one, I had read previously, but started with The Godwulf Manuscript and glad I read them as a series since characters are popping up who have a background with Spenser. It's like I already know who they are due to previous books, some of which were not all that great.

Just purchased a book, Poodle Springs, which Raymond Chandler who I've been reading also, started and Parker apparently finished after Chandler's death. Read the Parker read and wanted to emulate Chandler's writing and his P. I. character, Philip Marlowe. Knowing that, I can see some similaries, which is a good thing.