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Love And Glory - Robert B. Parker Lovely, lovely story about love. The book just took my breath way.

Sometimes I feel my mind wandering when reading but not this book. Every sentence says something important about the story. The reviews on the book's cover uses the word 'sparse' and I agree. Very clean, clear and written in a way that annoyed me when I had to put it down. I didn't want to interrupt my reading it from beginning to end.

Been reading the Spenser series from the beginning, The Godwulf Manuscript, and this was written after the 11th of the Spenser novels. It was a definate change of pace from everything Robert B. Parker has written and I have read thus far.

I found myself looking at the cover from time to time seeing for myself that this was a Parker novel because I've been so used to other Parker's writing.

Great book and who can quarrel over the subject: the love of another.