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Ceremony (Spenser, #9) - Robert B. Parker Yipee!!! Both Hawk and Susan are back and I hope don't leave anytime soon in upcoming books. For me, they both just make Spenser more interesting and I love their banter, all of it. Gives Spenser come challenges in how he looks at life.

Should have know it was about children some how, some way, due to the cover; a Teddy bear with money stuffed in shirt. The subject, child prostitution, was a new and different subject for Parker and certainly a hot topic even today, almost 30 years since first publication of this book.

While reading I wrote myself a note reminding myself that I liked Spenser's one-liners which I do.

Spenser definately has a moral code and it is very similar to Hawk's although previous novels have suggested that Hawk has leaned toward the dark side. I have a gut feeling that as time goes on there will be fewer references to Hawk's relationship with criminals; however, his past involvement sure comes in handy because he's on a first name basis with them and can call upon them without problems.

Susan plays an important part om Ceremony (eighth in the Spenser series) since she's the reason Spenser's looking for the runaway, April, in the first place. Susan's involvement is as a high school guidance counselor, moving up from the 8th grade, I recall from previous books.

So the moral dilemma; should a 16 year old be allowed to determine her (or his) own future? Taken one step further, what if the decision entails something illegal?

Read the book; it's a fast read and really good with more in depth information on Spenser, Hawk and Susan.