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A Savage Place (Spenser, #8) - Robert B. Parker Ok, I'm spoiled.

After the likes of The Judas Goat and The Promised Land, I want more of the same caliber from Spenser, from Parker.

A Savage Place takes place not in Boston (I can handle that) but in LA, not really outside Spenser's comfort zone. But I miss Hawk, a lot, since he adds levity to Spenser. I miss Susan, too, since I adore her give and take with Spenser. All my selfish personal likes, just as I said above, I'm spoiled.

It was good, better than good, with surprises throughout.

I just got tired of the harping about Candy wanting to be more than 'just a pretty face' in front of the camera. She wants to be taken as a serious journalist. Spenser is a hard boiled detective with a warm softness and wit, previously identified by Hawk. He understands the ERA (which was a national movement at the time), the feminist movement, so move on with it as a subject. This is the second (maybe third) book with that as the underlying theme. One was sufficient for me even though I remember the time well.

If Candy really wanted to be taken seriously, she should have changed her name first! But maybe Parker wanted to show the incongruity of the character. I know, I should not try to re-write the book.

But really? Candy?

Once again, I admit it, I'm spoiled; a few books ago. It was still good though as I march on through the series following my reading buddy, Jeff.